Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally! / #BoobieWed


      Ok, sorry. Its been a couple weeks since I last updated this journal. See, this is the same problem I had every other time I've tried blogging. While I have nobody to answer to other than myself, this time it's different. I've started following other journals and blogs and have started to feel some sort of peer-pressure. I'm 44! Peer pressure? Really? Shit… it never goes away does it?

     I have to admit, its not just peer-pressure. I know I have a couple card-carrying followers, and several others who check in regularly. To anyone who is actually reading this, I say thank you. I appreciate the fact you take the time to come here. I'll make sure there are regular content updates so you have a reason to continue doing so. Some will be better than others - you have been warned.

      Yesterday, Loripop posted a brilliantly funny piece on "Writer's Block." I read it and laughed my ass off because it was so dead-on and I could instantly identify with the entire thought process. That's been me for the last 2 weeks. I've tried writing updates during that time, I think I have at least 5 posts that started out with a good idea and quickly descended into chaos and mental wandering before finally being saved and shunted into the "Finish When You Get a Clue" file. Of course, some of them are pretty topical, so they're either already past their shelf life or will be soon. Whatever, this ain't the Chicago Tribune. Maybe I'll get 'em out, maybe not.


     As I'm writing this, I'm watching The Early Show on CBS. They just did a story on a medical study being conducted in Australia that could be good news for survivors of breast cancer. They just completed successful studies with animals and are getting ready for human trials. What's the news? Using stem cells encapsulated in a biodegradable package full of some sort of growth media in order to regrow natural breast tissue. They say it will be difficult because humans have a defined period of growth whereas animals tend to continue growing throughout their lives, but they believe it will work and could be available within 3-10 years (10 for cosmetic purposes).
      Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I've jumped on the Boobie Wednesday (#boobiewed) bandwagon with both feet. In fact, I planned on talking about #boobiewed in the second half of this post, the news story was just a happy coincidence.  I admit it, I love breasts. Big breasts, small breasts, happy medium breasts. Pillows, melons, mosquito bites, rocks-in-socks, natural or *ahem* augmented, breasts rock. What's not to like? They're squishy, they're fun, they're curvy and they make plunging necklines waaaaaaay more interesting. However, while I love breasts as much as the next person, that's not the main reason why I'm on the #boobiewed bandwagon. Breast cancer affects EVERYONE. Guys, us too. We've got the same plumbing, just not all the padding. Self examination is key, catch it early and it can be taken care of relatively easily and save your life. I have a sister in-law who survived breast cancer, but wound up losing a breast in the process. Luckily, she has been cancer-free ever since. This woman is a saint. Or at least she will be, eventually. (Hopefully, many decades from now.) I'm doing this for her and for every other person who has had to go through the ordeals of varying stages of breast cancer. It's a horrible disease that attacks the most fun, eye-catching, comforting and yes, nurturing part of the human body. Squish a boob, save a life. Oh, and when you're not squishing boobs, stop by the Boobie Wednesday Blog and Store. $2 from each purchase will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They are trying to raise enough money to donate a mammogram for Christmas. I think that's a great reason to buy an awesome mug or t-shirt.

1) Added link to CBS News video
2) Corrected estimated time for availability of treatment
3) Corrected donation amount.


  1. Firstly, let me thank you for your kind words, and for whoring my blog out like the trampy little slut that it is. You rock my world.

    Secondly, the cancer issue is one that's seriously close to my heart (like my boobies, ha!) and so I have to thank you for all of the support that you've thrown into the ring on that end as well. And on that one, I'm thanking you on behalf of boobies everywhere.

    You rock my world double.


  2. Thank you, but your blog is a constant source of insight, humor and flat-out snarky fun.

    As far as the boobies go, hey it's all @Honey_is_Evil and @shimmer418. All I'm doing is spreading the word as much as I can. Like I told them when they thanked me for my purchase from their store (that they went out of their way to customize for me) "you're doing all the work, all I did was buy a mug." They rock.

    Double, eh? :-) Thank you.

  3. We love you for your help and for getting the word out for us.